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Capella - [GA]Serenity
News   Maintenance Preview

Maintenance's progress: Tartarus Forum - Maintenance Thread
News   Server undergoing maintenance
Server maintenance and undergoing work

Server will be inaccessible for the set amount of time. The counter is set to show the opening date and time.
There won't be any wipes, but there will be changes, which can be found in Tartarus Forum - Maintenance Thread
Thank you for the waiting and expect certain positive additions.
News   Updated XTrap and Launcher Hosting
Apologies for inconvenience due to launcher hosting provider's fault

Due to Launcher's and XTrap update server's hosting provider's sudden "down moment", we have moved to OVH to ensure that this will not repeat.
We will slowly move to a more stable hostings of OVH to ensure as best connection as possible for you!
Go to to download manual patch and always keep an eye on forum for our newest updates, fixes and more.
News   Progress
Massive Upgrades and Changes in the server!

After long thinking and loads of hours wasted for nothing, we have decided that we should get even more serious and do things, that will make players happy!
and so we started: Nation War Edition Part 1: Changed drops in the Nation War Boxes content, Upcoming all maps and dungeons drops rewamp! Changed Honor Titles and much more.
Check out our Forum Change Logs Section to stay up to date with all of the changes, fixes, additions and other crazy stuff in the server!
News   Announcement
New client added - Updated download links

Due to big updates, rather long downloads and checks, new client has been added to avoid even bigger updates. Download this client to receive all of the files required for updates, previous ones and upcoming ones. Check our Downloads section! This client will help people with slower connections to get all updates much faster as well as new updates will come ONLY on the new client, so I strongly urge everyone to download this brand new client. 2 new download links: dropbox and deposit files has been added. Don't forget to check our forum for the latest information! ;)
News   Announcement
Vote Added: Let's reach greater heights!

Press on image to read full topic in forum
I have added simple votes for everyone who wishes to support server in "couple clicks" way. There is no reward [At the moment], but we have set goals and great events are awaiting when we reach them with even more amazing prizes! Vote for us and let's go higher! Stay active to see new content coming. Something new is on the way, it might lurk in the forest of green despair or hide in the dunes in desert scream.. Stay tuned!
IMPORTANT   Announcement
Latest Client version: v5 with Latest Data Uploaded

New client was just uploaded. It contains all data required for future updates, as well as all fixes. I recommend for players, who use old client, to download this one, in order to avoid any problems in the future, for the upcoming updates. New client is in download section. We just stepped up another level up! Stay tuned for the newest updates and enjoy Nevareth!
IMPORTANT   Announcement
IMPORTANT: LauncherFix [Old Client ONLY]

Dear Players, we require you to download client fix from this link: Google Drive [Forum Link] Download these files, otherwise your will not be able to receive updates and play. Regards
Server Announcement   Announcement
Server is back online with more things to offer!

After long and bumpy road, and a big pause, we are big. We are bigger, more flexible, more active and ready to bring new things into Cabal World! Server is still in its early days, but it is official now and you can play with easy. A lot of new content is on the way and many more things will be ready for you to explore!
Server Contests   Event
Server Banner and Best Screenshot

Participate in Tartarus Banner and Best Screenshot contest! All information can be found in Tartarus Cabal Forum. Amazing prizes can be won! Use your creativity and represent Tartarus Cabal. What are you waiting for?
Server news.   Notice
Server is ONLINE

Server is online and will gradually improved in all ways. All updates and changes will be done regularly and Players will be kept informed about it. Welcome to our server! Please note, that it's not the official launch, a lot of changes will be made including: Change of website, change of client, custom patches. ALL CHARACTERS WILL BE SAVED ON EACH UPDATE / UPGRADE and OTHER SERVER RELATED IMPROVEMENTS.
Server Change Logs.   Update
  • Map and quest changes in progress
  • Titanium items updated (more items coming soon)
  • Tartarus Client download mirror added
To Do List:
  • Edit drop in current dungeons
  • Add Awaken Dungeons
  • Reconfigure Arcane Golem
  • Custom Server Boss to be added
  • Improve and Stabilise current drop
  • Add new costumes, pets, dungeons, maps and more
Starters Package Added!   Update
From now every new started character will get starters package that is:
  • Class Rank 11
  • Titanium Helmet +32 Critical Damage
  • Titanium Gloves +3% Hp Steal +4 All Skill Amp
  • Titanium Boots +80 HP +4 All Skill Amp
  • Titanium Suit +80 HP +4 All Skill Amp
  • Titanium Weapon +32 Critical Damage(One Handed) and +64 Critical Damage(Two Handed)

  • Every character gets most needed upgrades and skills of their class.
    They are auto learned while skill up!